[Histonet] CD4 and CD8 Staining


Hi all,

I'm relatively new to all this, but I am looking for an
immunohistochemical stain for CD4 and CD8 in calf tissue.  I was hoping
to find a protocol for formalin-fixed paraffin embedded sections, as
bovine WC1 can be isolated in these sections and I am looking at cell
proliferation and T and B lymphocyte percentages in this manner.  All
the literature I've come across indicates the need for either a modified
fixative, or frozen sections.  (Thus requiring double the sample
collection, or changing of previous protocols and study repetition).

Has anyone come across a good retrieval method for CD4 and CD8 in ffpe
sections that we could try in bovine tissue, or are frozen sections the
way to go?


Claire Kentler
Bachelor of Animal Science (Hons)
Postgraduate Student
Department of Agricultural Sciences
La Trobe University
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E-mail: cabramley@students.latrobe.edu.au

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