[Histonet] BSc Specialization or BSc with Minors in Histotechnology, Etc.,

From:"Joseph Kapler"

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlement (I heard the Number of true chiveralous
gentlemen has been dwindling severely over the last 10 or 20 years... Time
to raise the next generaltion of True Gentle Men.)

The purposes of this posting is to ask a very important Question for your
feedback (Not what you think I would want to hear, or what you think I
should do) (I want to hear your suggestions). I am currently working within
a Histology Lab here in the City, who will keep me gainfully employeed. The
catch, I have to teach myself Histology and Zoology to get buy while I am
waiting on classes. So, what would your answers be to my question. Remember,
what would YOU do and why, not what you think I should do... The Question

Being a Student entering into the BSc program, I am looking at whether I
should just stay in the BSWc program as general sciences degree or should I
go and speciallize somewhere? But Where?

Or, would you take your BSc in Science and minor in anothe arts program.

My personal opinion would be to generalize, and then find a way to major in
Histotechnology, or someting else along those lines. However, I have to take
into consideration that I may not be able to continue with specialization
unless I return for anotehr goaround.

THanks Y'all, and I look forward to hearing your responses on this.

Joe "DarkWolfe" Kapler

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