Re: [Histonet] glycerol-coated glass slides

From:Rene J Buesa

  Frankly I am at a loss with your question. Glycerol (propano-triol) is an alcohol and will not stick to the glass, even less at a 3% concentration.
  Glycerol sometimes is used as a component for some mounting fluids and in those cases it has to be contained within a solid ring (of sealant) to prevent its evaporation.
  Do you have a specific technique you need the glycerol for?
  Could you be more specific?
  René J.

"Castillos, Luminita"  wrote:
  Hi everybody, 

I am looking to find a protocol for coating charge-free glass slides
with 3% glycerol. Does anybody has a protocol of this type or maybe
knows a vendor who delivers ready-to-use glycerol-coated glass slides?.
Thank you for any feedback on this issue.

Sincerely, L

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