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These and many other useful texts may be obtained from the following 
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> Good day Y'all
> I'm currently studying from my BSc in Histo Tech. At the same time, I am
> working in a histology research lab (a dream job considering my path of
> studies). The boss expects me to stretch my level of understanding to the
> breaking point, knowing that I can learn better when under pressure, or 
> the
> best adage of on the job training. In my case, the training is secondary 
> to
> my schooling, not the other way around.
> The basis of my post... I am looking for some additional research text 
> books
> to give me a step ahead. Two books I am looking for, and would like to 
> keep
> a copy for future use too. It would be great if any of the texts can be
> donated to a good cause (my education and the education of those that come
> after myself), however, I'm willing to pay for additional texts where
> feasible.
> Theory and Practice of Histological Techniques 5th Edition,
> Edited by John Bancroft and Marilyn Gamble
> Textbook of Histology 1st edition
> Finn Geneser
> 1986 Munksgaard, Copenhagen
> Lynch's Medical Laboratory Technology (3rd edition or better) Vol 1
> or Volume 1 and 2 if 4th edition
> And finally any textbooks relating to Vet Medicine, Zoology, Gross Human
> Anatomy, and any atlases for mouse, rat, human compatable structures, etc.
> If you have any of these books, or any others that relate to histology and
> med lab sciences, especially those that cover many of the older techniques
> and styles that may not be used as much in this day. Anything that can 
> help
> woould be great.
> And I thank everyone in advance, both for the consideration of the books,
> and for all the great advice I have received just from my membership on 
> the
> list.
> And this book, if a copy is available anywhere in the free world, I would 
> be
> willing to pay for this book. The actual amount, would be up for 
> bargaining.
> Histological Techniques - Manifred Gabe
> Laboratoire d'Evolution, Facultedes Sciences, Paris France
> Translated by Robert E. Blackith
> Published: Masson 1979
> Springer-Verlag
> Again, thanks
> Joe Kapler
> Edmonton Canada
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