Re: [Histonet] Hard Antibodies!

Now that you brought it up, has anybody been having problems with Chemicon's
MAB1281 and MAB1273?  (human nuclei and human mitochondria)

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> regarding your hard-to-process antibodies--are they manufactured by a
> company, or has an individual made them? does this make a difference?
> in response to my own question, the antibodies we receive from
> Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank (DSHB, University of Iowa),
> Molecular Probes, and Rockland Immuno work very well.  our problem is
> with antibodies from individual labs.
> could this be a problem with shipping? the antibodies we receive from
> individual labs are not on dry ice, but a PI told me that since human
> antibodies can survive at high temperatures, shipped antibodies can
> survive it as well.*
> Emily
> *all of this does not apply to Chemicon antibodies, which suck.
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