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From:Gayle Callis

A workshop director years ago suggested using a reticulin stain in 
conjunction with a Massons trichrome and the routine H&E stain.  They did 
not counterstain the reticulin stain although an eosin stain would be nice 
OR nuclear fast red for red/black contrast.
  You should see correlation between reticulin stain and Masson's 
trichrome.  Remember that Mass Tri stains ALL types of  connective tissues 
that include basement membrane, reticulin and collagen.  You could, for 
fun, do a Verhoeffs van Giesons for just collagen fibers too - you will 
have an interesting collection of stains in the end.

Try to pick up adjacent sections in order to have a closer correlation 
within 25 um or so of each section

Pick up and stain in this order (or what you prefer)
1.  H&E
2.  Mass Tri
3.  Verhoeffs van Gieson
3.  reticulin

Then repeat the sequence.

Good luck

  At 09:08 AM 6/8/2007, you wrote:
>Dear Histonet Community-
>   Currently I am working on a capstone project dealing with Cirrhosis of 
> the liver. If anyone has experienced working with Cirrhosis, please 
> contact me, I have some questions. And anything that anyone could offer 
> me would be great. Right now I am using the Masson Trichrome as a special 
> stain for this disease, any other suggestions that could possibly be a 
> better stain, please let me know. Thank you
>   Robyn Pulsifer
>   Histology Lab Assistant
>   Argosy University
>   Eagan, MN
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