Re: [Histonet] Brain Pigment

From:Rene J Buesa

As you correctly point out, all those treatments (with potassium permanganate followed by oxalic acid) are quite damaging although if you dilute the reagents several times fold from the original recipe and  let them act for longer periods of time, after making sure that your sections are well attached to the slides, maybe you will get the pigment removal with less damage.
  René J.

Vernon Dailey  wrote:
  Hi Histonet,

I am trying IHC on some human brain tissue. The region of interest is 
the substantia nigra. The pigment in the SN cells is interfering with my 
IHC. I have a few protocols for removing this pigment but they are very 
damaging to the sections. Does anyone have a protocol that works well 
for this purpose? Any help would be appreciated. Best,


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