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From:"Ford Royer"

I agree that the manual saw assembly that Mike points out works just fine
and is very economical.  I have used a similar home-made device in the past.
For power saws, we used a Sears 9” tri-wheel band saw.  It was nice and
compact so it did not take up much bench space.  However it was difficult to
clean as it was designed to cut wood and not bone & tissue.  Of course in
those days, we did not have to worry about many of the pathogens that are
present today.  A better alternative would be a commercial stainless steel
“butcher’s saw” that could be disinfected, but they were big and clunky and
were very cost-prohibitive.  In more recent times, there are food quality
stainless steel band saws that are designed for easy cleaning and priced
more reasonably.  Check the link below, or if that does not work go to and type in the key word “band saw”.

In regard to considering this type of equipment “unsafe”, it would depend on
how your institution is defining “unsafe”.  If they are concerned that a
band saw is unsafe from a bio-hazard stand point, then a stainless steel
food-quality instrument would be the answer since it can be easily
decontaminated.  If they are concerned about operator safety... this can be
covered in a proper training protocol and SOPs.  With proper training, a
motorized band saw is no more dangerous to an operator than a motorized
microtome with an exposed blade. 

~ Ford  

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Try this saw. Works great for any size bone and you can't find one cheaper.,,10121267,00.html


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A band saw is the ideal instrument. Just try to "protect (cover)" the saw
and use precaution. Also buy the smallest band saw capable of doing the job.
I don't think you will find anything better (or cheaper) for large bones.
  René J.

Nita Searcy  wrote:
  I have been asked to obtain a saw for cutting bone. We have the Mar-Med
presently but its not "big" enough for larger bones. In the past the
institution had a band saw but found it unsafe.

Any suggestions? 

Nita Searcy

Nita Searcy, HT/HTL (ASCP)
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