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From:Gayle Callis

Propar is a single aliphatic hydrocarbon, derived from petroleum but I 
think the MSDS gives this information.   It is very similar to Clearite 3 
(Richard Allan).  However, both are still sensitive to water so good 
dehydration is critical prior to clearing by these two solvents for both 
staining and processing.  We have used both for processing and staining, 
but pay attention to solvent rotation in order to maintain freshness and no 
water carryover into these clearing agents changes.

At 12:28 PM 6/11/2007, you wrote:
>I also work in research and routinely do H&E's and lots of IHC.  I tried
>Biocare's Slide Brite and found it difficult to use as it requires a
>specific mounting media.  It was also a little greasy to the touch.  I then
>tried StatLab's XS-3.  This one I found was severely subject to water in the
>reagent.  If the slides were not cleared well it left water on the slide.
>Again you have to have the right mounting media which they sell as well.  I
>found this substitute to bleed out some of my IHC DAB staining.  It also
>took at least a day to a day and half to dry.  My last one and the one I'm
>currently using is Pro-Par from Anatech.  It also requires their mounting
>media but the reagents are at a fair price.  I do not do any processing so I
>have tested any of these on a processor but they all worked for H&E and IHC
>aspects.  The Pro-oar I have found is the closest to Xylene that I have
>tested.  It's not limonene based so it's not greasy at all and it dries in a
>matter of hours not days.  Again clearing well in alcohol is critical.  I
>would recommend this one to anyone looking for an alternative.  They also
>sell a dehydrant.  This is just my two cents.
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