[Histonet] Xylene Substitute

From:"Rebecca Jones"

I know this topic has been on here before, but of course I paid little
attention as it wasn't on top of my busy list!  And I rarely converse over
the histonet, but definately watch as the conversations move along.

I work in a small research lab, but recently got a call from CBG Biotech to
try their xylene substitute, Formula 83 for free.

I have only ever used xylene, but am fairly new to histologic procecures so
I am considering an alternative that is less toxic.

Has anyone tried Formula 83 or have any other substitutes they can suggest.

I will try my hardest to post the results of my testing so that everyone can
know.  I think once I get the sample in I can test things fairly quickly.  I
would like to sample more than one though, just to have a comparisson.


Rebecca Jones
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