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From:Linda Jenkins


Your recent post ask:

"I am looking for other people that work with Technovit 7200VLC resin on
large (25x25x4mm) samples. At the moment the infiltration takes 3 days
for each of the graded stages (30-100%) and the final 100% resin step
takes up to 18 days. This is what is recommended by the manufacturers of
the Exakt system we use, but seems rather a long time! We have tried
reducing the times but have ended up with poor section quality.
Unfortunately we cannot reduce the sample size as serial sections have
to be cut.

Does anyone out there have any experience with this resin, and have a
method to reduce the infiltration times? Any suggestions greatly

  Thanks in advance,


Andrew Prior
Smith &Nephew Research Centre
York Science Park
YO10 5DF

	I have  a great deal of experience with this resin and, I agree, 
your procedure sounds too long;however, are you manually 
processing?  Are you using vacuum and stirring?  All these things 
help when processing samples.  I will send you my procedure under 
separate cover.

	Good Luck,

	Linda Jenkins

	Clemson University
	Clemson, SC

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