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From:"Pixley, Sarah \(pixleysk\)"

 Dear Olek:

As another said, beware of using bleach. We have had inactivation of DAB
after storing/using glassware that was treated with bleach. When we are
using small amounts of DAB (we are a research lab and sometimes deal
with small amounts) and we freeze the extra to use later, we now use
only brand new glass scintillation vials. Oddly, we have even found that
some plastic scintillation vials cause precipitation of the DAB
during/after freezing. 

For cleaning glassware, we have had a lot of success with a compound
called Contrad which we get from Fisher Scientific. This replaces, for
us, the older standby, chromerge (chromic acid/sulfuric acid). You soak
either glassware or plastic in diluted Contrad for >24 hours and rinse
well and it is nice and clean. But be sure and rinse very well. This is
a safe compound (relatively speaking-don't drink it!! :-) ). It won't
burn your hands and we have used it to clean glassware for use in cell

Contrad 70:

Sarah Pixley

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