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From:"Joseph Kapler"

Good day Y'all

I'm currently studying from my BSc in Histo Tech. At the same time, I am
working in a histology research lab (a dream job considering my path of
studies). The boss expects me to stretch my level of understanding to the
breaking point, knowing that I can learn better when under pressure, or the
best adage of on the job training. In my case, the training is secondary to
my schooling, not the other way around.

The basis of my post... I am looking for some additional research text books
to give me a step ahead. Two books I am looking for, and would like to keep
a copy for future use too. It would be great if any of the texts can be
donated to a good cause (my education and the education of those that come
after myself), however, I'm willing to pay for additional texts where

Theory and Practice of Histological Techniques 5th Edition,
Edited by John Bancroft and Marilyn Gamble

Textbook of Histology 1st edition
Finn Geneser
1986 Munksgaard, Copenhagen

Lynch's Medical Laboratory Technology (3rd edition or better) Vol 1
or Volume 1 and 2 if 4th edition

And finally any textbooks relating to Vet Medicine, Zoology, Gross Human
Anatomy, and any atlases for mouse, rat, human compatable structures, etc.

If you have any of these books, or any others that relate to histology and
med lab sciences, especially those that cover many of the older techniques
and styles that may not be used as much in this day. Anything that can help
woould be great.

And I thank everyone in advance, both for the consideration of the books,
and for all the great advice I have received just from my membership on the

And this book, if a copy is available anywhere in the free world, I would be
willing to pay for this book. The actual amount, would be up for bargaining.

Histological Techniques - Manifred Gabe
Laboratoire d'Evolution, Facultedes Sciences, Paris France
Translated by Robert E. Blackith
Published: Masson 1979

Again, thanks

Joe Kapler
Edmonton Canada

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