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From:"Martin, Erin"

My manager asked me to explain why we need CAP if we are a JCAHO hospital.  We just started a dermpath lab, separate from the rest of the pathology department and this is my first time in a non-CAP lab.  In other facilities I have worked, I just took for granted that CAP surveys were a necessity.  Now I'm not so sure - can anyone tell me if CAP surveys/inspections are necessary? I was under the impression that JCAHO and CAP sort of worked in concert to confirm a lab's compliance with all CLIA regs, but I can't find anything to support that assumption.
 I know that under CMS some sort of  lab accreditation is required, but on the CMS site they list both CAP and JCAHO as accrediting agencies (among others).  So why both?  Is it necessary to have CAP if the hospital is JCAHO? 
Thank you,
Erin Martin

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