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From:"Gudrun Lang"

Our experience is, that if the slides with barcode label stay too long in
Xylol or similar reagens, the glue will come out and stick on the edges. 
We solved the problem by decreasing the reagens-level in the jar and the
time. We have a Leica-coverslipper. After a definite period of time, we
clean the clamps with Butylacetat.

Gudrun Lang
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Betreff: [Histonet] Question about Coverslippers & Barcoded Slides

Can anyone out there give me some feedback on auto-coverslippers and
Ventana bar-coded slides.  We have found that our Leica coverslipper
will not work on slides that have a barcode label (example Ventana
Immuno stained slides)  We thought that the TBS coverslipper would work
and did on dry slides with barcode labels.  However, after purchasing a
TBS coverslipper, we found that after the slides had been dehydrated and
cleared in xylene, there is some glue from the barcode label which oozes
out the sides of the label and the slides get stuck in the coverslipper.
Has anyone else found a coverslipper that works or any recommendations.
We are immunostaining 300+ slides per day and manual coverslipping is a

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