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From:Rene J Buesa

  In the 3 labs I supervised before retiring (and some gathered information from other sources) doing IHC did not qualify for a higger salary per se but that was a task usually assigned to HTL and not to HT, meaning that they were in a higher paying scale anyway.
  As a rule of thumb I could tell you the following:
  1- unlicensed tasks done by lab aides: average of $15/hour
  2- licensed tasks by HT (histotechs): average $22/hour
3- licensed tasks by HTL (histotechnologists): average $25/hour.
  Consider that averages are close to "mid points" ranges due to specific institutions pay rates.
  Hope this will help you!
  René J.
Joanne Mauger  wrote:
Hi everyone,

Can anyone share info on whether the techs in your labs who do
immunohistochemistry have a different pay scale than those who do
histology? Is there a differential made between those who have a Q(IHC)?
We are trying to find precedent to give incentive for learning new
skills, taking on more responsibility.

Any info is appreciated,

Jo Mauger

>>> "Rosa Bryant" 06/21/06 10:47 AM >>>
Can anyone spare a formaldehyde fixed paraffin embedded control block
for Lepto? Any help would be great!

Rosa Fields, IHC
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