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First off, CAP doesn't exactly follow CLIA.  CLIA is more stringent and what you describe is definitely considered grossing and "high complexity testing".  CAP, on the other hand, is drawing a distinction between grossing (anything that must be cut in) and non-grossing (taking measurements and putting biopsies in a cassette with no cutting involved).  Technically you can meet CAP standards while being in violation of CLIA regulations.  If the lab does any billing with the government, (Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare) then you had better be meeting CLIA '88.  Personally I thing CAP is so wrong for clouding the water on this one.  

Charles Embrey, PA(ASCP)  

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I completely agree.  Weighing and measuring is grossing and the person who does so must qualify under CLIA (CAP follows CLIA).  Many institutions are still allowing this grossing to be performed HT's and assistants who do not qualify.  I have been performing CAP inspections for many years and have cited labs for this.  I did my homework and have documentation from CLIA to substantiate the fact that "measuring, counting and weighing" is indeed grossing.
Jan M.

>>> "Ron Martin"  06/25/2006 11:21 AM >>>
Should this lab assistant be "cassetting" at all? This sounds like a
grossing tech to me and should fall under CLIA regs for high complex testing
with the appropriate education/training. If this person isn't qualified
should he/she be performing these duties at all?
Ron Martin

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  For your description your assistant works as a histotech although she may
or may not have "academic qualifications".
  You have to consider also that initially histotechs were trained "on the
job" and later on were "grandfathered" at licensure time (perhaps this is
one of the reasons why historically histotechs are in lower echelon of
clinical lab salary scale, but that is another subject to talk about!).
  I do not think that you should ask about lab aides paymen rates when your
aide is performing tasks above those of that job position.
  As a lab supervisor/manager it should be part of your mission that of
assuring that the employees you supervise are treated fairly.
  Having said all that I think that you should get for her a salary that
reflects her tasks, not those usually corresponding for a job level.
  It is my opinion that she shoudl be paid, at least, at the histotech entry
  Hope this will help you!
  René J.

Pam Mara  wrote:
  I have a question. We have a lab assistant here who does the "cassetting"
tissue specimens. She isn't a PA and she doesn't really gross in any large
specimens. We mainly have GI specimens and biopsies, which she
weighs/measures and puts into cassettes. She also helps with staining,
coverslipping, etc.
I was just wondering what is a reasonable salary for someone who performs
these tasks? Does anyone else work with a lab assistant that performs
similar tasks? 

Thanks for the info, 
Pam Mara

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