[Histonet] golgi and nissl stain

From:christa hercher

   I am a masters student and have been trying to stain frozen human brain tissue with a variation of the golgi-Kopsch method along with a nissl stain. Briefly, a tissue block is first being fixed and then is completely stained with golgi.  Then we do the nissl stain on these sections.  I have a few questions regarding both stains:
  The golgi stain works alright but there are alot of black "blobs" in the tissue.  Is there something we can do to avoid these clumps?  
  we are also having trouble counterstaining with nissl.  The best result so far has been omitting acetic acid in  70% ETOH during the differentiation process.  I am just doing the nissl stain to view the cortical layers.  
  If anyone has any suggestions it would be much appreciated
  thank you
  masters student
  McGill University, Montreal 

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