[Histonet] Leica Microscope for Sale

From:"Shirley Chu"

I am listing this for a friend.  Please contact Ted Choi directly if you
are interested or have any questions.  Thanks!
Leica DMRE microscope with motorized focus, DIC, fluorescence, cooled
CCD imaging and 7 objectives, in excellent condition. Asking price is
Scope configuration:
Leica DMRE base (888033), motor focus base.
HC Plan 10X/25 eyepieces (507800)
20X Ph1 (506098)
N Plan 2.5X/0.7 (506083)
HC Plan Fluotar 10x/.3 (506505)
HC Plan Fluotar 20x/.5 (506503)
HC Plan Fluotar 40x/.7 (506504)
HCX Plan Apo L40X/.8 (506155)
HCX Plan Apo 63X/1.32-.6 oil (506081)
DIC and Fluorescence illumination (N2.1, A, I3 cubes) LEP HBO100 arc
lamp power supply, Trinocular phototube head, Diagnostics Instruments
coupler RT SPOT Color Cooled CCD Camera Model 2.2.0/power supply/pci

Photos can be found at www.  labx.com ad number
288782 (or just search for "leica dmre")

Ted Choi, PhD
Predictive Biology, Inc.
505 Coast Blvd
La Jolla, CA 92037
main: 858-964-3793
fax: 858-964-0659

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