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From:Eric Dye (ext 223)

   Hi - Fellow-Histonetters

   Below  is  the  updated  list  of  Histology j o b s, All openings are
   Dayshift  Monday  thru Friday unless indicated otherwise. All of these
   jobs  are  looking to move quickly so if your interested call me A S A
   If  you  are  interested  in any of the Histology jobs listed below or
   anywhere  else  -  please  call  me  at 800-466-9919 ext 223 or cell -
   Most HistoTech j o b s are permanent full-time
   Here are some of my Newest Histology Jobs:
   New York (Long Island) - HistoTech - perm
   Northern New Jersey - HistoTech and Cyto Tech - perm
   Boston  Mass  -  HistoTech  -  one Senior HistoTech, One not so Senior
   Massachusetts (North of Boston) - perm - Bench Histotech
   Ohio (Central) - one temp and one perm - Bench Histotech
   West Virginia - perm - Bench Histotech/ Supervisor
   Minnesota   (Twin   Cities   area   -   perm   -   Bench  Histotech  -
   Biotech/research - Make your own schedule!!!
   Southeast Florida - temp - HistoTech
   Southwest Florida - perm - Bench Histotech/ Supervisor
   Florida, West Coast - both temp & perm openings- Bench Histotech
   Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh - perm - Bench HistoTech
   Virginia/D.C.  Beltway  East  - Fairfax Area - Perm, HistoTech / Histo
   New Hampshire - - both temp & perm openings - Histotech
   South Carolina - Perm - Supervisor and Bench - Histotech
   Rhode Island - perm - Histotech

   ---- end list of HistoTech Oppurtunties ---
   If  you  are  interested  in  any of the Histology jobs listed above -
   please call me at 800-466-9919 ext 223 or cell - 407-756-5507.
   Thank you,
   Eric Dye-Sr Allied Healthcare Recruiter
   800-466-9919 ext 223 or Cell - 407-756-5507
   P.S.: Feel free to pass along this email and my phone number to anyone
   who you think might be interested.
   P.S.S.:  The  clients  are  currently  interviewing - and the job will
   close  soon  -  so  if  you  are  interested,  please call me today at
   1-800-466-9919 ext 229
   Ategra Systems Inc
   Specialists in Permanent & Contract Staffing
   800 466 9919 ext 223 - voice
   407 671 6075 - fax
   To Learn More About Ategra:
   If you received this by mistake, or if you wish
   not to hear from me, please shoot me a mail
   to let me know and I'll not mail you again.
   Note: this message is intended for:
   Fellow-Histonetters at histonet@lists.utsouthwestern.edu


   1. mailto:eric@ategra.com
   2. http://www.ategra.com/
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