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I posted a while ago on this same topic.  It's just another regulation that some CAP shut-in came up with while hanging out in a dark room trying to justify his/her job.  CAP just can't handle not coming up with at least a couple more crazy things to tack onto that CAP checklist every year.  Next year I hear we'll need to note barometric pressure, solar wind levels & sunspot activity.  

Since they don't offer a range, I would suggest just writing your readings down in a tablet so that you can say you have them.

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Glen Dawson  BS, HT & QIHC (ASCP)
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            Okay, I can't stay quiet any longer. The new general checklist
question asks if the temperature and humidity levels are monitored. Okay,
but they don't state a range or what to do if the temp & humidity are out of
range. Has any one come up with an idea? And people wonder why I have a
problem with CAP.

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