Re: [Histonet] Re: Immunostainers -- in your opinion what's best

From:Patti Loykasek

> Gustave,
    I was wondering how many slides you are planning on running in  a day? I
think this information is important when considering a stainer. Perhaps all
the bells & whistles are not necessary if you are not running a large amount
of slides & are on a restricted budget. I have extensively used the Dako
Autostainer with good results, however it does not do ISH. I am anxiously
awaiting the release of the new Dako stainer łEridan˛.  For ISH we have a
couple of different techniques depending on the volume. When we are doing
small numbers of ISH we use a manual system that is the Microprobe. It uses
capillary gap action (so it is best to use special capillary gap slides) and
can do 10 pairs of slides at a time. It uses very little reagent. Iąd be
happy to answer more questions. >
Patti Loykasek
PhenoPath Laboratories

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