Re: [Histonet] Demonstration of antigen on cell surface - question?

From:GT Hebert

I know a group that uses confocal but do not know it very well myself.  Can you give me a more detailed explanation of why confocal would be useful ... and suggestion for cell surface markers that can be used?
Thank you very much.

Sharon Cooperman  wrote:
You could do confocal microscopy - that would unequivocally 
demonstrate thqt the antigen is on the cell surface, particularly if 
you co-stain with a cell surface marker.


>How would one go about determining if your specific antigen (say for 
>IHC) is located on the cell surface? Right now it seems that the 
>antigen is staining everywhere. (I am running a sheep anti-mouse 
>'antigen' and using a rabbit anti-sheep biotin conjugated with ABC + 
>DAB for detection. (My negative is normal sheep IgG -- is 
>negative). Is there a way through immuno or other that I can 
>specifically say that the antigen is present on the cell surface? 
>Are there general cell surface markers that I can use along with my 
>primary? Thank you all.
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