RE: [Histonet] Help, slide adhesive for wood

From:"Bonner, Janet"

 You could stain these sections by coverslipping with water and using an
absorbant towel to exchange solutions (stains/dyes)by absorption and
effusion. The slide could be cleared this way, but not very well.  Try
putting the fluids on the slide, let sit, and tip onto the towel to remove
the solutions by osmosis.   

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Subject: [Histonet] Help,  slide adhesive for wood

I am having trouble getting wood specimens embedded in paraplast plus to

stick to glass slides.  The bark and phloem tissues stick fine, but the 
wood made up of the xylem does not.  I have tried charges slides and a 
gelatin adhesive in the water bath.  I am using ethanol based 
Safranin-O, Fast Green, Orange G and Iodine stains.  Does anyone have an

adhesive suggestion?

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