[Histonet] fixation question

From:"Scholz, Stephen J."

Hello all;
I have a question about some fixatives.  We have a student whom is using our lab in conjunction with an on-line course to prepare for the exam.  She was asked to fix tissue in three different fixatives and compare the results on H&E.  She has chosen Bouins, formalin/alcohol and 10% BNF.  We use the BNF as routine in our lab.  My question is after she has fixed the tissue in the other two fixatives can she put the specimen back into the 10% BNF for routine processing or does she need to wait until the processor goes passed its formalin changes in order to add her specimens?  I have had no experience with using a fixative other than 10% BNF as a primary so I don't know what to tell her.
Thank you for your help,
Steve Scholz

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