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>Hi Bill,
We have three labs in this region doing immuno and all have finally "graduated" to using decloakers. We have gone
through steamers, microwaves etc. and in my opinion the decloaker gives most reliable results consistently. Microwaving
is efficient, but sometimes gave uneven results due to hot spots. I found this to be true even using microwave pressure
cooker. Also it's great for doing QA, since it gives you temperature and pressure readings, which then can be recorded.
I'm very happy with it...


Katri Tuomala
St.Joseph's Health Care
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
> Hi All,
>            Has anyone a glorified electric pressure cooker called a decloaking chamber in use in their lab.It is used
> to apply heat and pressure in a controlled manner to tissue sections to restore antigens before immunohistochemistry
> stains can commence.Its said to be superior to a microwave pressure cooker by its manufacturers.
>                                                            Bill Hewett
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