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Yes  Pro-Texx is still available. The product is sold through Fisher
Scientific. We make it here at Thermo ( formerly Thermo Shandon). The
product is labeled as Lerner Pro-Texx or here at Thermo as Shandon
Synthetic  Mountant. It is exactly the same mountant, just packaged a
little differently. We manufacture all the Lerner Brand products.

Call me at 1-800-245-6212 ext. 4013 if you have more questions.

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Mark Lewis
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Anatomical Pathology
Clinical Diagnostics
Thermo Electron Corporation
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Hello, does anyone know if Baxter Scientific Pro-Texx Mounting Medium is
still on the market & a source for it? I've been well stocked for the past
few years but now my stash is almost depleted. If no source available for
this specific mounting medium I'm in search of something comparable that
is: clear with low viscosity, dries rapidly, spreads evenly to discourage
air bubble entrapment, reduces stain fading, and does not discolor with
age. Vendors your samples are welcomed. Thanks, Atoska

Atoska S. Gentry B.S., HT(ASCP)
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College of Veterinary Medicine
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