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By ". . . it is losing microwave waves . . ."

Do you mean
- the apparatus is leaking microwave radiation around the seals?
- the magnetron is becoming weaker and less efficient at making microwaves?

The magnetron, as it ages, does produce fewer microwaves, so as a result,
the 900 watt machine you bought, say, 5 years ago is now  producing less
than 900 watts. Which is why it takes longer to heat anything (coplin jar of
stains in the lab, or the casserole at home).

A couple of years ago, I attended a workshop given by Steven Slap. He talked
about doing yearly measurements of the wattage of the microwave (and the
time intervals, and a few other things) to find out the true wattage.

I came up with a 1 page worksheet for my students that we use every year,
when I'm teaching about microwaves (learned from Steven Slap, Jan Minshew,
Nathan Brinn  and Dick Dapson - thank you to all of you). I gave a copy of
the worksheet to Steven, and he used it in some of his later microwave
workshops. So I guess this makes the worksheet Steven Slap-approved (I do
miss him already).

If anyone would like a copy of my microwave calibration worksheet (1 page),
email me at WORK (not a "reply" to this home address) at

It does all fit on one page (Word), but you might have to play around with
it, when you receive it, to get it to fit. It is a tight fit.

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)SLS
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI 48073

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> Does anyone have a way of checking the working ability of their
> We just had JACHO...and the woman said we should be checking it for
> temperature consistency..and actually she thought checking it to see if it
is losing
> microwave waves........Our biomed guys tell us that they are not
responsible for
> microwaves..and  I dont know where to start on this one....Any help is
> appreciated !!  Thank you in advance!!
>  Kathy Bowden HT
> Nanticoke Memorial Hospital
> Seaford, De 19973
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