Re: [Histonet] cryosections problem

From:Gareth Davis

I have cut brain sections from mice and rats, and I have found that floating the cryosections in cold buffer (PBS or Sorenson's) is a great help.  Once the sections hit the PBS they spread and can be floated onto a slide.  I have tried to cut brain sections and immediately attach them to slides, and it never worked.  I usually got air bubbles or wrinkles in the sections.
Hope this helps,
Gareth Davis

Inga Hansson  wrote:
Hi everyone!

Iīm trying to section PFA-fixed and sucrose protected mouse brain.
The sections curl and break when I try to put them on the glass. I
donīt know what temperature to use; is -23 too low? Should I set the
same temperature on the knife as the specimen? Cold or warm slides?

Any suggestions are gratefully appreciated!!



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