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From:Gayle Callis

We needed to evaluate new and different types hematoxylins and let a
summertime student do this for his project. Several hematoxylins were used,
progressive and regressive, and he was required to not only do the staining
but also evaluate the staining times (a time panel for each hematoxylin).
It proved valuable to us as we were able to chose a hematoxylin we liked
plus knew the optimal staining time for our needs.  The the student had
enough sections for photographs (can be side by side for comparison) - it
was a tidy, easy and fast project in the short summer schedule. He had to
learn the difference about how progressive versus regressive staining
works.  It was not an expensive, unsafe nor too difficult project, fit into
my labs schedule. He did a wonderful job. 

Good luck

At 08:19 AM 6/23/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>    I have a Summer student who needs a project to work on while he is
here. I've given him his own tissue, which he will learn to process, embed,
and section.
>    At the end of his stay, he must present to his peers and his project
mentor, what he did, how he did it,  in a powerpoint preseentation.
>    Is there anything I can do to make his project memorable for him?
>    thanks.               Thelma
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