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From:Kim Merriam

There are a few things you can do.  One can be to compare fixatives on similar tissues with similar stains (H&E, Trichrome, etc) to see if there is a difference (not sure if this is an option, perhaps all of the tissues are already fixed).  Another is to stain for the same thing in 2 different ways (I have a summer intern here that is staining for mylein with both Luxol Fast Blue and Myelin-Associated Glycoprotein (MAG) with IHC methods), and comparing this with a routine H&E.  Also, have your intern look at a list of special stains that you do routinely in your lab and let him/her do them (see what peaks his/her interest), compare these special stains to a routine H&E.  If you have a cryostat and can get fresh tissue, compare cryostat sections vs FFPE sections, noting the differences in morphology.
Good luck,
Kim Merriam

"T. Montara"  wrote:
I have a Summer student who needs a project to work on while he is here. I've given him his own tissue, which he will learn to process, embed, and section.
At the end of his stay, he must present to his peers and his project mentor, what he did, how he did it, in a powerpoint preseentation.
Is there anything I can do to make his project memorable for him?
thanks. Thelma
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