Re: [Histonet] Histosearch/Help with bone HIER

From:"Barbara Lentz"

I place the slides in NBF for 30 minutes prior to HIER.  This seems to
help keep the tissue from falling off.  Hope this helps your procedure,
to.  Barb

>>>  06/24/04 01:54PM >>>
Is anyone else having trouble searching the archives today?  It keeps 
freezing up on me.  (It's only 51F in Chicago today - hmmmmm)

I was looking for some tips on how to keep #?+$% FFPE bone from falling

off the slide during HIER.

Tibiae are decalcifed in 5% formic acid, cut at 5 microns, dried flat
37C overnight.  The marrow stays on but I'm losing the bone.

I know someone has a sure-fire answer.

Jackie O'
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