RE: [Histonet] alcohol to xylene and back to alcohol again!?

From:Margaret Blount

Just me trying something in desperation, my samples were fatty and I had
read about this sort of thing being done on fatty samples so I tried it in
desperation. Sorry to have worried any one, especially enthusiastic
trainees. I agree Susie is very astute and is to be commended for asking
rather than worrying about it as many might.


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Huh?  I don't get that one, either.  I think you deserve commendation
for being astute.  What I want to know is why didn't they take the time
to explain this to you?  In my lab, all things are explained to anyone
with a question.  Something like this certainly deserves an answer.  

Just My Opinion...

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Subject: [Histonet] alcohol to xylene and back to alcohol again!?

I am a junior tech, slowly working my way through all the training.
mostly I'm at a microtome all day.
Anyway I've noticed that our processing schedule also has the backwards 
alcohol step (Exploding skin samples thread)

alcohol <------

Now I dont have as much experiance as my supervisor, but it seems like a

really weird processing schedule to me.
Does anyone else do this? Why is this step in there? I got told it was
help process fatty tissues?

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