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Best wishes to Steve and Michael.

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Although I don't know Steve, I've been following his progress notes with
more than average interest.  My 18-year old son Michael went airborne off
his motorcycle on Sunday, June 13th.  The car in front of him stopped, but
he didn't in time.  Helmet flew off.  Stranger called to tell me "your son's
been in a motorcycle accident, and it doesn't look good."  I had forwarded
emails about Steve to Michael before Michael's accident as a cautionary

Fortunately, Michael suffered "only" extensive external road burns, scrapes,
bruises, and two small areas of avulsed scalp, a deep wound over his left
eye that required maxillofacial specialist repair, and a deep gash in his
right ankle that's being treated.  Ten days after his accident, Michael has
healed rapidly.  Youth is on his side; he's lucky to be alive and he knows
it.  He's letting the towing company keep his motorcycle.

For those readers who ride motorcycles, sell them.  There are no good
motorcycle accident outcomes.  Transplant surgeons won't use organs from
motorcycle accident victims as the organs are almost always too traumatized
to be useful.  In Germany, motorcyclists are referred to as "organ donors".

I'm told riders don't cause most motorcycle accidents; motorists do.  That
must mean riding motorcycles is especially dangerous as most accidents are
beyond the rider's control.  Dead is dead; who's responsible is immaterial.

I wish Steve and his family well.  I truly do.

Gary Gill

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This is to let you all know that Steve is not doing well at all, despite 
Lisa's previous optimism.  It seems that his body is just too compromised to

recover.  After just a short time in a nursing home, he is back in the
Infection has set in and he is running a very high fever.  
I spoke with his mother yesterday and she is resigned that she is here to
good bye to her son.  Lisa and her have been holding all night vigils for
days now. 
Please keep Steve's family in your prayers as this will be the most
time for them.
I will keep you posted on any developments.
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