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I have never used an immunostainer I didn't like.  They all do the job.  For
me it comes down to customer service, open adaptability, and cost per test.
If I didn't have to worry about any of those things I would have the Ventana
instruments because they can do so much, deparafinize, IHC and ISH, etc. but
in my real world I stick with the DAKO.  DAKO has the best customer service
in my opinion, their instrument is completely open which is a must for
research work and the cost per test is way cheaper than Ventana.  Another
thing I liked about DAKO is their labelled polymer detection system, up
until recently Ventana did not even offer a labelled polymer detection
system (I did hear that they are coming out with one now) and I just do not
like abc detection.
As for reference books.  If you join the NSH IHC Resource Group at we have compiled a list of books and references for our
members.  Jules Elias has completed the 2nd edition of his IHC Book which
can be purchased at ASCP press.  For a general guide you can't beat the DAKO
free handbook Immunochemical Staining Methods 3rd Edition.
Patsy Ruegg

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Subject: [Histonet] New immunostainers, good IHC books?

I asked yesterday for information about immunostainers that people really
like --  but what about immunostainers that people would NOT recommend, for

What seem to be the best books available for IHC staining?  Our lab needs a
couple of good ones.
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