RE: [Histonet] An explanation of The Histonet Mail Loop

From:"Pamela Marcum"

Herb and Linda,

Thank you  for getting us all back online and our e-mail in boxes clear
again.  The service  provided by HistoNet is appreciated very much.  I am
sure we often drive you up the proverbial wall with our failures to
unsubscribe and leave these out of office replies.  You are very patient
and supply us with a very good forum for discussion.  Education and a place
to ask questions is so important to all of us we sometimes take it for
granted until it has a problem.

Thanks Again,
Pam Marcum

> [Original Message]
> From: Herb Hagler 
> To: 
> Date: 6/30/2004 6:34:49 PM
> Subject: [Histonet] An explanation of The Histonet Mail Loop
> I wanted to thank those of you who have hung in there during the trials 
> the last 24 hrs.
> I wanted to let you know what happened:
> A person that everyone is familiar with now went on vacation and left 
> an "out of office" notice on their email account.  This can be a huge 
> problem as we experienced first hand.  Instead of a reply to the sender 
> of the email, they setup a reply to the histonet list. The reply to 
> list was posted, that message was sent from histonet to the persons 
> vacation reply, which replied to the list, which generated another 
> response.....millions of emails later everything slowed to a crawl.
> Please, please if you go on vacation and must leave a reply to tell 
> everyone that you are out of the office, remember to unsubscribe from 
> any list servers before you leave and give it a 30 minute test before 
> you finally go out the door so you don't become known and loved by so 
> many people and every server admin on the planet.
> I think that you get the picture.  This was a big time mail loop which 
> in a matter of a few hours filled up everyones email quotas, filled our 
> admin message boxes, filled up the server, and all of this happened at 
> the end of the day here in Dallas during heavy rains when everyone that 
> could fix it was trying to get home.
> So we think things are quiet now.  We are getting fewer bounces, so 
> would some of you gentle people please begin asking your questions 
> again about histology, employment and other interesting issues.
> Questions about why is my mail box full of junk messages, should be 
> obvious to everyone that something went wrong in geek land, and we have 
> identified the problem(99% confidence) and hopefully things will return 
> to normal by tomorrow afternoon when I switch the server from manual to 
> auto.
> Thanks and cheers,
> Herb
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