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From:"Dawn Truscott" 26

Check ou the newest Microm cryostat HM 550 at the web-site www.rallansci.com.  It is much brighter and still cuts wonderfully!

Dawn Truscott, HT(ASCP)

I am the person who months ago sent out the cry for help concerning 
  sections curling in the cryostat.
  I was supposed to get back to you on what solved the problem. I wish I 
  could tell you, but the answer is that nothing has worked.
  Our tissue cuts fine on another cryostat. The owner of the company has 
  apparently dismissed the issue and has not done anything about it, 
  although they did send their technician to try and help. After checking 
  everything out, she was at a complete loss. So now we have no choice but 
  to invest another large sum of money in a new cryostat.

  Soooo, now I would like input from all of you as to which cryostat you 
  believe to be the best, and if you are planning to tell me it's Hacker 
  Bright, don't bother.
  The Zeiss Microm cuts well, but the interior is too dark.
  Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  Thank you all in advance,

  Kathleen Spencer, HT (ASCP)
  Lab Manager/LCM Supervisor

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