[Histonet] Wattage output determination.


Hello everyone,

In response to Peggy Wenk's comments about measuring wattage output in
microwaves, here is a simple method (that also had the Steven Slap seal of
approval).  I hope you find it useful.


To Determine the Wattage Output of a Microwave Device:
   Place  1 liter of room temperature water into a nonconductive, microwave
   safe, container (preferably narrow necked). Measure and record the start
   temperature before subjecting to microwave exposure.
   Place the container in the microwave device and run for 2 minutes on the
   maximum power setting.
   Remove  the  container  immediately.  Briefly stir or shake the water to
   eliminate   any   thermal  layers,  then  measure  and  record  the  end
   Subtract  the  original  start  temperature from the end temperature and
   multiply the result by 35.
   This  procedure  should  be  repeated  three times, each time using room
   temperature water and a fresh container.  The results should be averaged
   to provide the wattage output of the device at the time of testing.

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