[Histonet] Steve Slap

From:"Jim Staruk"

I've used this quote from time to time when I felt it appropriate.  It's
Dick Solomon's eulogy to a fellow physicist from the old TV show "Third
Rock From The Sun".  Tonight, it's appropriate:

"He was a man and a citizen of the world.  As such, he was governed by
the laws of physics.  What he is now is not or ever was really him, but
merely his shell that contained the life-force or energy that makes us
what we truly are.  Science states that energy can neither be created or
destroyed.  Energy moves at the speed of light.  Einstein stated that as
anything approaches the speed of light its mass becomes infinite.  So
you can see, Steve is not gone.  He has become infinite and as such
surrounds us with his self and lives within our hearts both now and

Rest in peace Steve


James E. Staruk, HT(ASCP)

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