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From:Todd Sherman

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Hi folks,

I realize that sometimes it's a hassle to respond but I'm hoping the
kind and knowledgeable viewers here will. I have a general listserver
request that I'm hoping all of you will think is a good idea. Maybe it
has been requested before and I missed it, but here goes...

When one asks and receives advice from listserver members, would you be
kind enough to follow-up and post the outcome of the application of that
advice if you applied it? It is very helpful and educational to know if
the information that you applied to your previous problem or query was
helpful, or for that matter, not. In order to further the knowledgebase
that the Histonet has become, a complete listing of the resolution of
problems is necessary. I've seen what I thought was great or unique
advice (from others) go unanswered, never knowing if the suggestion was
used and abandoned because it was unhelpful or used and accepted because
it was helpful. Inquisitive minds want to know.

[Now I'll lay on the guilt trip ;)]
Further, since this is an educational tool and information exchange
site, I have some obligation to contribute something in return for the
insights I have gleaned from visiting. So if I'm not asking questions,
I'm trying to offer some answers. It would be nice to know if the
"answers" were helpful - not in a search for courtesy, mind you, but for
the usefulness of the science/opinion contributed. We need quality
control here too.

Just wondering,

Todd Sherman
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