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   Can anyone please help?
   We are haveing a problem with some of our slides.  Under the coverslip
   tape they are drying out.  We have the correct amout on drops comming
   out of the coversliper onto the slide and our slides spend enough time
   going through alchol and xylene before being coverslipped.
   We  had  the pleasure of having a "tape" coverslipper at a lab where I
   previously  worked.   One  thing we quickly discovered was that slides
   had  to  be  completely  and  adequately dehydrated and cleared.  Even
   slight  contaminations  to  the final Absolute Alcohols and Xylenes of
   our stains, could cause the tape to end up with air or lift.  After we
   became  aware  of  this  sensitivity, we never had another problem.  I
   could  ask  for slides to be pulled from this lab that are at least 12
   years old, and they still look perfect. Hope this helps. Terri Braud
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