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   Sent: Monday, June 28, 2004 11:50 AM

Does anyone have the Surgipath Tribune Automated H&E Stainer and if you
do how well do you like it? We are looking at this stainer, one from
Thermo Electron, the Microm from Richard Allan, and I'm also considering
the new Symphony H&E stainer from Ventana. If you have experience from
any of these please let me know the pros and cons.

   Charlene -

   I worked in a lab with a Leica XL for years, and since it was an older
   model,  had  only one drying oven, but it was fast, efficient, easy to
   use, and never needed repair in 8 years.  I moved to a lab that was in
   the  process  of demo-ing their 2nd Thermo Gemini.  The first had been
   converted  to  do  bulk  runs of special stains in a separate lab.  We
   have  relatively  high volume H&Es, anywhere from 1500-2000 slides per
   day.   The  Gemini  demo  never  went  home.   It  allows us to set up
   duplicative  stations for the most time consuming steps and so can run
   several  "same  program"  H&E runs at the same time without losing any
   time.   Its  5 drying ovens mean that we usually can go from the water
   bath  to the coverslipper in 40 minutes. I think we usually have about
   10-12  racks  staining at once. Everyone that has toured/ visited / or
   temped  at our  lab  has  been impressed with the robotics and ease of
   use.  No  special  tricks  to load, and when our antiquated building's
   power went out, generator and all...it just went to battery backup and
   never  missed  a  lick.  I've know that there are probably other great
   stainers  on  the  market,  but  just wanted to give you some positive
   feedback  from  my  experiences.   Terri  Braud,  Surgical  Pathology,
   University of Virginia Health Systems
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