[Histonet] Cryostat, biopsies, skins


We use Shandon cryostats in 4 of or 7 facilities for a number of reasons 
including safety features, ease of use, lighting, versatility, etc. Their service 
is ecxellent too- the name is Thermo or something these days. I don't like to 
flame companies on this list but Hacker's name is completely appropriate and 
has been nothing but trouble for us and we don't bother with any of their 
instrumentation any more. Bad design, bad service. 

We cut 3 to 6 levels per slide depending on tissue for biopsies. 

There is a grossing manual in the back of one or the standard   pathology 
(Robbins? Rosai?)texts from which we developed our grossing procedures which are 
required by CAP. If your hospital is CAP inspected you should have a grossing 
procedure manual which explains your institution's procedures for grossing. 
We've referenced this manual for court cases.
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