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This is right up my alley!  I've hosted many a school tour (from 
kindergarten through high school) at various institutions - kids love this 
stuff.  The most successful was an array of cartoon-y posters depicting a 
kid going in for a tonsillectomy, and the journey his tonsils took 
(through histology to become a slide under the microscope)  while he was 
still sleeping (dreaming of ice cream).   You open your little 
presentation with "Have any of you ever had your tonsils removed?  Did you 
ever wonder what happened to them after they took them out?"  I  told the 
kids that histology is the "parts department" of the hospital, the 
clinical lab is just "service".  Of course, having a display of spare 
parts at the end is the clincher, tonsils, an appendix, gallstones and 
other 'age appropriate' parts.  I used to save a nicely tar-soaked lung 
for the teenagers to show them the effects of cigarettes. 

Jackie O'

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Good evening all,
  Does any one have some ideas what kids today would respond to at a job 
awareness fair. something comic but maybe fun about our jobs.
 Any input appreciated.
Tere Hodges
St. Mary's Hospital
Tucson, Az,
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