Re: [Histonet] best Microtomes

Hi Tom,

My facility is currently purchasing a microtome for our lab. The one that we 
decided on in the end is the Microm HM 310. We are a small pathology lab in 
Los Angeles, CA and have no need for motorized microtomes either. 

The other microtome we were considering was the Leica 2125 RT and both models 
are very much similar. In fact, the few differences stem from the different 
providers not the machine itself. One is from McBain Instruments and the other 
is provided by Mikkron. 
If you would like, I can fax you the quotes that were given to me by each 
company. On them you will find brief descriptions of each model. Let me know if 
you are interested.


Elisa Gonzalez
Research Tech II
Doheny Eye Institute
Pathology Department
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