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From:"Vinnie Della Speranza"

isn't the power of prayer remarkable?
thank you Dorothy for the update on Steve's progress. I remain hopeful that he will be with us at the NSH S/C in Fort Lauderdale next year!

>>>  06/15/04 06:43PM >>>
Hi Folks,
Thanks so much for your good wishes and prayers for Steve.  I am happy to 
report that I spoke with Lisa this morning and she said there have been some 
encouraging improvements in Steve's condition.
He is far from out of the woods but is now responding to sound.  His eyes are 
open but he does not seem to really focus on anything yet.  Out of ICU, and 
should be transferred to rehab the end of this week if things continue to 
I did visit with him last week and passed along everyone's good wishes.   I 
swear he smirked when I was rambling on about this and that.  Those of you that 
know me, know that I can go on and on!  I figured if I kept talking Steve 
would just wake up and say shut up.  Looks like he just might tell me that on my 
next visit.
Lisa is holding up well.  Needless to say, she is just thrilled that Steve 
responds to her voice now.  He will sqeeze her hand on request and turn his head 
at the sound of her voice.  
Please keep up those good thoughts and prayers.  These are all good signs but 
the road to recovery is still going to be long and hard.
Best regards to all.
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