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From:Geoff McAuliffe

    Sectioning the insect (or whatever arthropod) immediately after 
molting will catch the chitin when it is softest. For additional advice see:
Trans. Am. Micros. Soc. 74:197-201, 1955
Nature 184:1584-1585, Nov. 14, 1959.


Etheridge, Sandra AGF:EX wrote:

>Hello, everyone,
>Does anyone know how to soften chitin (the polysaccharide hard shell of many
>invertebrates) for sectioning?  I know of methods for keratin and
>decalcification, but have not come across any for chitin.  We often receive
>the parasites collected with our deceased, large marine mammals, and the
>pathologists want sections of them as well.
>Thanks in advance for your help.
>Sandra Etheridge
>Animal Health Center, Histology
>BC Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Fisheries
>Abbotsford, BC
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