Re: [Histonet] Pathology Report Question

From:Victor Tobias

What I am hearing is the Radiologist doesn't mind having his/her name on 
the report, just don't send them a physical copy. I don't think there is 
a requirement that they get a hard copy. They probably have a report in 
their system and it is documented in the patient's file.


Nita Searcy wrote:

>The performing doctors in interventional radiology do not want to
>receive a report for  pathology specimens - they only want the
>"ordering" physician to receive a report----as a department, the
>pathologists feel that they need to know who performs the test and wish
>that those names remain on our report.
>I there a governing body (JCAHO; CAP; etc.) that requires that 
>physician performing the test be on the report?
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