Re: [Histonet] Microscope Slide Storage/Database

From:Bill Blank

At 8:57 AM +0100 6/4/04, NICK KIRK wrote:
>>>In the UK the system tends to work by assigning a lab number to 
>>>each case on a LIMS and then storing the slides in Lab number 
>>>numerical order. That way you just look up the patient record, see 
>>>the lab number, go to the slide file and hey presto.<<<

This is how we do it and how it was done when I was a path resident 
at Barnes Hosp. in St. Louis. Though the patient data used to be kept 
on index cards.

I remember being assigned to find prior cases of some rare condition 
and was able to successfully find slides and blocks from an autopsy 
case done in 1904. The slides needed restaining and the blocks were a 
mass of paraffin that had melted a number of times. But this tissue 
when re-embedded turned out to be like new. Even silver stains worked.

The system has not changed, though we have switched to computers 
instead of rooms of filing cabinets.

Bill Blank, MD
Heartland Lab, Inc

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