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I use a FileMaker Pro Database to track all the tissues, processing, IHC 
stains, number of blocks and slides, etc. All my work is strictly 
internal, not like a hospital environment.    It has proven invaluable for 
our needs in a research setting.  We have the software installed on a lab 
computer, as well as a common drive so that all persons can at least view 
the information (I'm reluctant to let everyone have access to edit any 
information).  I deal with over 100 cell lines and tumor types, and this 
software enables me to sort information for all colon tumors, or one type 
of colon tumor, or all Caspase-3 stains, etc.  I'm currently in the 
process of defining a database for Tissue Microarrays as well.  I assign 
consecutive access numbers to each trial or experiment, and can track all 
the data by that number.

Jacqueline M. O'Connor HT(ASCP)
Abbott Laboratories
Global Pharmaceutical Research and Development

Phillip Huff 
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06/03/2004 07:34 PM

        Subject:        [Histonet] Microscope Slide Storage/Database

Could people please describe the different ways that they organize and 
store their finished microscope slides? We would like to adopt a new 
method to organize, store and also have a computer database of our slides. 
What computer programs do people use/recommend for this purpose?
THank you

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